I’m Castor Valbum. I believe that spreadsheets are a blank canvas for bringing data to life. I can help you find an expert for that purpose to analyze anything.

Spreadsheets can be as simple as it looks to as complicated as it can ever be. Everyday business decisions are made with the help of spreadsheets. As an Excel Champion, I’ve created an assessment test in Kandio that covers both Google and Excel to help you find your best candidate to be your own spreadsheet champion.

Castor Valbum
Principal Consultant
Ranked 1st, Microsoft Excel

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

My expertise today can be attributed to my insatiable hunger for knowledge. With a degree in economics, I help furnish well-informed decisions through data analytics.
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Management Consultant
April 2017 - Present
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July 2013 - March 2017
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Course Instructor
July 2013 - January 2017

My Achievements

I have a knack for data and making sense out of the bits and pieces of it. My educational background in economics has allowed me to fully maximize the potential of Microsoft Excel as a data analysis tool.
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1st Place