I am Jonathan Kehayias, one of Kandio’s go-to guys for any topic SQL Server.

After working as a SQL Server and .NET developer for four years, I transitioned to the role of Database Administrator for a Fortune 500 company and then a Level 1 Trauma Center where downtimes meant huge financial losses and/or losses of life. Using my knowledge of the internals of SQL Server and application development allowed me to highly available, fault tolerant business solutions for data management.

I have been one of the top answerer’s of questions on Microsoft’s MSDN forums, and was one of the youngest professionals in the world to achieve the Microsoft Certified Masters certification for SQL Server. I also helped author new exam questions for the SQL Server certification exams and the Microsoft Certified Masters qualification, and taught two rotations of the Microsoft Certified Masters courses at Microsoft. I know how to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of SQL Server at multiple levels and can write questions that accurately assess a candidate’s skillset.

Jonathan Kehayias
Principal Consultant
Microsoft MVP

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

I’ve been an author, trainer, consultant and top-rated speaker at conferences around the world to include SQLBits, SQLIntersection, PASS, SQL Saturdays, and multiple in-person courses for SQL Server. I’ve been working with SQL Server since 2004 and was recognized by Microsoft as a Data Platform MVP for 10 years. I’ve co-authored multiple books on SQL Server, written articles and blog posts online and answered thousands of questions on the MSDN forums, StackExchange, SQL Server Central, and other sites.
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Principal Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Author
March 2011 - Present
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2012 - Present
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Sr. Database Administrator/ Manager Data Operations
2009 - March 2011

My Achievements

I’ve spent my career helping businesses and people solve their problems with data management using SQL Server and other platforms. I am an expert on how to build high availability solutions for data, SQL Server internals, and performance tuning.
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Published three SQL Server books
Over the years
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Over the years
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Started recording for Pluralsight.
2012 and onward