I’m Josh Duffney, a craftsman of infrastructure and automation. I specialize in infrastructure development and applying DevOps principles and practices to the world of system administration.

Throughout my career, I’ve shared my experience and knowledge through blogging, user group presentations, conference talks, and Pluralsight courses. Now I can share that experience and expertise through Kandio. If you’re looking for candidates with a strong automation background and a DevOps mindset, my assessments can help.

Josh Duffney
Pluralsight Author
DevOps at Stack Overflow

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

I started my career in system administration because I didn’t want to write code all day. Then I discovered DevOps, and automation. Now, I write code all day and a developer is exactly what I became. Instead of writing application code I write automation to deploy and manage infrastructure.
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DevOps Engineer
October 2016 - Present
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2015 - Present
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Senior Systems Engineer
2015 - October 2016

My Achievements

Public speaking and teaching are two things I never thought I’d do, let alone enjoy. But we don’t often know what we enjoy until we try. I love learning and the best way to learn is to teach. More than that, I enjoy seeing growth in others. That has allowed me to present at user groups, speak at conferences and author a number of Pluralsight courses. I share what I learn in the field. Everything I teach is a lesson learned through trial and error.
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Presented Application Provisioning with DSC and Octopus Deploy
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Created my first Open Source project
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Authored my first Pluralsight course
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Start blogging