I am Niklas Quarfot, and my data-driven approach to AI has led my teams to significant results with the largest tech giants in Silicon Valley.

Spending over a decade in the epicenter of new technology, you learn how much it takes, and at which speed you need to apply new methods, techniques, and coding languages to keep up.

Bringing a team of developers to success within companies like Adobe and Intel, and success in recruitment is paramount. That is why I chose to supply my knowledge to Kandio to help companies hire better Python developers.

Niklas Quarfot
CEO, Quantap
Past Lead Architect, Intel

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

I have never known a corporate world outside the tech industry, and even after 10 years in Silicon Valley, I feel fortunate, that this is still only the beginning of my career. I am deeply passionate and fascinated about making things tick and making computers do crazy stuff that nobody thought of before.
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Distributed Systems Lead Architect at Intel Corporation
November 2015 to present
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Distributed Systems Engineer
October 2013 to October 2015
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Virtual Machine and Compiler Engineer
October 2012 to October 2013

My Achievements

In Silicon Valley, things move fast, and it’s all about keeping up if you don’t want to get left behind. Being naturally curious, and expecting the same from my colleagues, I ended up leading big, versatile projects across both Intel, Mesosphere, and Adobe.
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Developed the first prototype plugin for the Lake Crest Accelerator
January 2019 to present
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Co-founded the Kubernetes Machine Learning Working Group
January 2018 to present