Hi, I’m Sriyank Siddhartha, and I’m a software developer and an online trainer. I have always been intrigued by the world of mobile development, where I developed a wide range of applications. But my deepest passion is enabling others to develop cutting-edge Android apps.

“Share and gain” have been the principle that I follow throughout my career, and it’s the principle that pushed me to follow my passion as an instructor. Now, I’m applying this principle with Kandio’s assessment tests. By lending my expertise in everything Android, I’m helping your business find a compatible match among a pool of mobile developers.

Sriyank Siddhartha
Pluralsight Author
CEO at Smartherd

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

I’m currently a freelance software developer, but my passion lies in teaching other people. I started out by holding hands-on workshops in various institutions in India such as NITs and IITs. Eventually, I was able to move my courses into the online sphere by authoring a couple of online courses on Udemy and Pluralsight. I am now one of the most recognized instructors within Android.
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Channel owner
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Technical Android Instructor
May 2015 - Present
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Android course Instructor
August 2014 - Present

My Achievements

Driven by my fervent passion to teach other people, I was able to become a speaker of Google Developers Groups India. This opened new doors for me, and even earned me a spot as a Guest Lecturer in several premium institutes in India.
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Crossed 30,000 students
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Crossed 50,000 subscribers
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Published my 10th course
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Organizer and Tech Speaker