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Stack & Queue


Linked List


Time Complexity

Algorithms (D&C, Greedy, Dynamic)

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Data Structures and Algorithms online test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

Kandio’s Data Structures and Algorithms test lets you assess the candidates, employees, agencies, freelancers or students you have concerning any data structures or algorithms task you might have.

Remember that Kandio offers guidelines on which programmers to proceed with, and which ones to discard. Kandio will give you reliable directions about things programmers should know about, but a programmer can be excellent, even if he does not know about all of these things.

We suggest that you use our tests before your interview process to know which ones actually to talk to. The final Kandio report should be a piece of conversation with the strong candidates, rather than a disqualifying process in a late-stage interview process.

Data structures and Algorithms test details

Being extraordinary, data structures and algorithms are becoming increasingly crucial for the everyday programmer in today’s world. The theories and standards covered in this online test cover the overall concept that spans across all programming languages it being Java, Python or PHP, etc.

The concepts of proper data structures and algorithms are essential to achieve great AI and machine learning which seems to be two of the biggest buzzwords of this decade. The concepts can also be summed up with this one picture:

For these obvious reasons, we have made a collaboration with the DS guy, who is one of the world’s most successful instructors on Data Structures and Algorithms on a global scale. He has personally crafted this test and all questions inside.

Who could benefit from the test?

This test will help recruiters in filtering out substandard candidates when it comes to hiring:

1. Developers: Entry-level, Mid-level and Senior level developers on any stage of their career and with any programming language (Java, Python, Php, etc.)

2. Software Quality Assurance Specialists (Automation Engineers, Automation Architects, SDET) for any tool, be it Selenium, QTP, SoapUI, etc.

Which areas are covered, and why they are chosen?

Algorithm Runtime Analysis
It forms the base of Data Structures and Algorithms. A successful candidate should have a fair idea of Runtime of any given Algorithm.

Array, LinkedList
These are the primary Data Structures. This is a must for any software engineer to perform the basic day to day tasks in coding.

Stack, Queue
These are simple logical Data Structures(DS), which are heavily used in specific situations (LIFO, FIFO). Knowing these DS in-depth helps in solving specific problems efficiently.

Tree, Graph
These are advanced logical data structures, which solve fairly complex problems in an efficient way. A successful candidate should be knowing these in-depth to write efficient code for fairly complex problems.

There are multiple sorting techniques available. Each of these techniques has been designed for a specific situation. Knowing which sorting to use in which scenario helps in saving storage as well as time.

A given problem can be solved in many ways. But what differentiates an efficient software engineer from an ordinary software engineer is in-depth knowledge of algorithms. The same problem can be solved in much lesser time and space if the right algorithm is used.

Made by one of the leading experts

DS Guy

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I now have an opportunity to further this passion by helping companies hire experts in this field.
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