My name is Rahul Shetty and as one of the most successful teachers, I take pride in transforming students to experts. More than that, I have an eye for distinguishing the experts from a crowd.

Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world. There are a lot of great programmers out there but at the same time, there are also those who can’t fit the bill. My assessment test in Kandio can help you weed through the crowd of candidates and select the best that stands out.

Rahul Shetty
CEO, QAClick Academy
250k Udemy Students

Experience and Achievements

My Experience

More than half of my career, I’ve worked with Microsoft and worked my way up to gain knowledge and experience. Today, I am proud to have found the intersection between my passion and profession, and it’s teaching.
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Founder and Director
February 2015 - Present
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Corporate Trainer
February 2011 - Present
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Software Development Engineer in Test
April 2003 - August 2010

My Achievements

My passion for teaching helps me to strive to become a better teacher. And for me, I become a better teacher if I can share more knowledge to more people. That’s why I strive to create more online courses to reach more students.
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Published my 10th online course
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Reached 100,000 students
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Founded and Established